• What ratio of male to female users do you have?

    We were very particular with our advertising to make sure that we put priority on getting the ladies in. Our team figured that if we focused almost exclusive on females, the men would follow soon after. Now as much as we'd like to say we have a 50:50 ratio, the reality is that it's closer to 65:35 – still better than 99% of other communities out there. Note that this is data from the last month of usage, not signups: we want to make sure that it's not spam accounts or one-time users who're fudging the numbers! The advertising team is still trying to work on balancing the figures, but it's getting harder and harder to do every day, especially since we're currently sitting at well over 50 million created accounts.

  • What makes Lush Flirt different from other websites?

    Our focus is exclusively on the hookup aspect of connections. We believe that the way society is right now tends to favor people who are honest about what they want and well, sex is hardly a terrible thing, right? It's free, it's safe (use a condom, duh!), it's a form of exercise, it has no side effects and it feels fantastic – if we could put those effects into a pill, everyone would take it! So instead of trying to mask yourself as a 'dater' or someone who's looking for a long-term partner, you can just be who you are: someone who loves sex. So far, we're seeing good results from people who use our platform regularly. Still a little fine tuning on our end, but people seem to genuinely enjoy finding quick and convenient sex online.

  • Do you know what the average age is for members?

    I just pulled up the numbers for this question! It would appear that the average age of all male accounts is 33.1, whereas for women it's 29.7. This differs quite a bit from the average age of active users (people who log into the platform at least once a week for four weeks), which is 31.5 for men and 27.9 for women. Chances are the lower values for active users is because younger people are slightly better with technology, won't forget website names and generally use the Internet a little more. It's not immediately obvious whether these figures are good or bad – but yeah, there they are!

  • What can we expect from Lush Flirt in the future?

    It wouldn't be wise to spill all of our secrets, since we have quite a few unique features we're rolling out over the next 3 years that other communities of a similar nature just don't have. That said, we do want to play around a lot more with minimizing the amount of time people have to spend on Lush Flirt. This will likely include better communication elements, more tools for meeting people and official events that we'll host in larger cities. More on that later, though! Right now, we want to continue with our growth to ensure that we're getting the numbers we need in order to make these things we plan to do worth it.

  • Do you have any advice on how to message people?

    Standing out from the crowd makes the most sense when you look at the data. Being really physically attractive is obviously a major bonus, but if you haven't got that, you can try other things. Charm and comedy are usually good options – if you can nail both, you ought to be in with a solid chance of getting any girl on your side! We've also found that people who take photographs with others and earn more money get the most amount of attention – being popular and rich seems to work wonders. Who would have thought?

  • Will Lush Flirt send me a bunch of spammy emails?

    No – that's just not the profit model that we're going for with our business. You might receive 1 or 2 system messages every year or so, but we've only sent one out since we began and that was for a bug we found where some users couldn't log in because of an issue on our end (sorry about that, folks!). Lush Flirt wants to build a long-term community that constantly innovates and builds up a huge collection of users because of our commitment to bringing you the best features and most valuable tools. Giving you endless spam emails isn't going to help us achieve that goal, so yeah – your inbox will be safe from us!

  • Can I sign up just to use the webcam feature here?

    Yeah, absolutely! We actually find that only a very small portion of users (around 5%) utilize Lush Flirt purely for the live sex experiences – that's totally fine as far as we're concerned, since many may eventually turn around and try out our hookup tools, which is where we're really trying to nudge people. Still, free webcam fun with a member of the opposite sex is an attractive prospect for anyone, so we totally get why some folks come through just for that. Would we prefer you tried getting some no strings attached fun from Lush Flirt? Of course. Will we give you grief for not doing that? Absolutely not.

  • Do you have meetup statistics?

    Unfortunately, it's quite hard for us to track that kind of thing. What we will say is that in anonymously followed person to person messages where both parties sent at least 1 message to each other, 17% of them have had a phone number shared. This number might seem a little bit low, but we think the opposite, especially considering people stop using the website, might not find the other person attractive and so on. Pro tip: conversations that contained the exact text match of "number?" had their 17% figure raised to 26%.